Yoga clothes are very comfortable, very soft, and, let’s face it, cute. They are the perfect mix between workout clothes and going out clothes, which allows you to run some errands then head straight to class. As with regular clothes, there are some brands established in the market that every yogi should know.

As with everything yoga gear, it is not only about looks but practicality and helping you be your better self. The right yoga clothes will allow your body to move freely while covering you and letting you breathe. Let’s see precisely how clothes can achieve that. 

Top 20 Yoga Clothing Brands in 2020

1. Lane Bryant 

It can be hard and discouraging to find yoga clothes if you are plus size. Luckily things are improving a lot, and there are a lot of brands that are focusing on the market plus size. Lane Bryant was created in 1904 as a line of maternity clothes and had been focusing more and more on plus size activewear over the years. They encourage body positivity and have plus-sized models on their campaigns. They offer tops, leggings and sports bras of really great quality, as well as loose sweatpants for a more meditative practice. 

2. Prana

If you are eco-conscient and always tries to shop on stores that follow the same philosophy, then Prana is for you. The goal is to produce clothing for men and women with the utmost respect for the environment. They do that by exclusively using recyclable materials like fabric, a fantastic idea! Recycled polyester, recycled wool, or organic cotton are processed to bring life to beautiful designs and comfortable clothing. 

That is not all though, all the material the company uses is recyclable, and we mean all. The paper from the printers, the packaging, the pamphlets – everything is responsibly sourced. It also comes with the fair trade symbol, meaning that the workers who made the clothes are working under appropriate conditions. All in all, this is truly one of the most eco-friendly brands around and a perfect match with yoga’s philosophy of non-harming.  

3. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is famous on Instagram, and we can see why. The brand specializes in studio-to-street clothing, bringing extremely comfortable yoga clothes that are also beautiful and can be worn anywhere. They are perfect for a day out, errand running, lunch with friends, and, of course, yoga classes. Yes, they are cute, but they are also practical.

Their design compresses the body and encourages the body to stretch; they are breathable and soft. All their factories operate humanely and ethically, and they carry numerous accreditations to prove that. Their leggings are known to be flattering and designed well, and to fit different body types. 

4. Beyond Yoga

There are not one size pants that fit everyone, and we know that. Beyond yoga, however, comes pretty close to this achievement, and thousands of women with extremely different body types claim to feel amazing on their leggings. Their clothes stay in place, are true to advertising, and look good.

It is hard to find a good balance with leggings; they should hug your body enough to stay in place but don’t feel like they are pressing against you too much. It also helps if they absorb sweat, and the Beyond Yoga checks all these boxes.

5. Cory Vines 

Cory Vines is a brand that is only available online. It does that to keep prices low, which we love. It also focuses a lot on basic quality items. You know the type, a black top that has been in your wardrobe forever and has been used thousands of times. Their prices are affordable, and the materials have quality. They can be worn anywhere, and look just as good as they feel.

Cory Vines wants to do basic well- and it does. For example, a nice pair of black leggings is lifted by being actually “stone” color – a dark heathered gray that looks very elegant. These are the types of details we love! 

6. Pure Apparel

If you are a fun person, we know that t can show on the clothes you wear. Pure Apparel invests in patterns, prints, and beautiful colors in their clothing. This company uses pure cotton in their pieces, which gives that extra softness that is sure to captivate you. The brand is also involved in several environmental initiatives.

They try to use renewable products whenever possible, they educate their staff (and stakeholders!) on the issue of how to live a more sustainable life, and they adopt energy-saving solutions. Their fabrics are top of the line, technological fabrics with odor control and moisture management feature that last.

7. Onzie 

Onzie caters for all types of yoga lovers. You can find form-fitting clothing, made to move as one with you, and stretch to the limit. And you can also find more loose, relaxed clothing – perfect for those who love to be comfortable and wear flowy, cute yoga pants. Their angle is that they are a USA based company, which uses 100% American materials, from start to finish.

Using local materials is great because you can be sure they will have quality, and also know that your fabrics are being shipped from the other side of the world. Shipping is one of the biggest causes of Co2 emissions; thus, you can shop on Onzie guilt-free! They use an exclusive Free Flow technology that keeps you cool and dry, as the fabrics dry extra quickly. 

8. Adidas

The fact that Adidas is an excellent sports clothing brand is nothing new. But did you know that they carry a whole line of yoga clothing and even yoga accessories? If you didn’t, run to their website and see for yourself! Adidas is famous for a reason, and thousands of people swear by their apparel.

All their clothes are super moisture-wicking, great for that strenuous lesson that makes you sweat loads. They are also seamless, adding extra comfort, and preventing chafing. While Adidas is not the cheapest of the yoga clothing brands around, their pieces are made to last, allowing you to get your money’s worth. 

9. Manduka

Manduka has a cute story attached to its name. Architect Peter Sterios started the brand over twenty years ago, and he named it after his mentor, Shando Ramete. His favorite pose was Mandukasana or frog pose. And that is why the brand is called Manduka, and the clothes have a little red frog as a logo.

It is not only about the style, though, but Peter is also extremely environmentally conscious, and the company uses recycled polyester, plant-based materials, and organic cotton to try and be as sustainable as possible. The clothes fit well and feel very sturdy and well-made. 

10. Justa Yoga Wear

Justa Yoga Wear is a young brand that focuses on fair trade. That means that all their workers, from production to finish, are paid a fair living wage and live in good conditions. More specifically, the clothes are made by Chilean women exclusively by hand! They have very good customer service and, although they still don’t carry all sizes of clothing for men, it is worth contacting them if you want something specific.

Since it is all handmade, it may be worth a try. Customers are particularly thrilled by how long these clothes last, and report that thighs still look like new after constant use for over two years. 

11. Body Angel Activewear

Body Angel is a very modern and creative brand. Their pieces are not just clothes but a conversation starter! They draw inspiration from all over the world, and their patterns are mesmerizing and well thought out. They are always releasing new prints and lines and come up with ideas based on Colombian Carnival Celebrations, Traditional Indonesian Prints, hippy Tie-dye and much more. 

Based in California, this company was founded by Colombian Maria-Fernanda De La Vega, who is the mind behind these eye-catching designs the clothes have. The leggings, in particular, have a 4-way stretch, so they may seem small when you pick them up, but they stretch more than 500%. They are durable, lightweight, and comfortable clothes that are full of style, what more could we ask for? 

12. Montiel 

Montiel may not offer a wide range of styles and types of clothing that other brands do, but that is not a coincidence. Their goal is to provide dependable, simple, and reliable pieces that do not disappoint. They focus on a smaller line to provide excellent quality with every item. They also invest a lot in customer service, meaning they are very approachable and resolve any problems that may arise.

To prove that from the beginning, they offer free shipping and free returns for all US! On top of that, they are not costly at all, being one of the most affordable brands on our list. Clothes are true to size, of high quality, and worth to check it out. 

13. Superfit Hero 

Superfit Hero is a company made for women by women. They focus on empowering all women. They do that by conducting extensive research and offering clothes for a wide range of body types and sizes. They offer plus size too, and their outfits are cute and comfortable. The seams are sewn well to avoid chafing, their pants are high-waisted for better yoga practice and offer just the right amount of compression. 

14. Athleta 

Another cutting edge brand focusing on sustainability, Athleta goes a step further to achieve that. Not only do they use recycled and organic fabric, but they also created technologies that save energy and water. Their pioneer DryDie technology saves around 4.5 gallons of water for every garment they make, and Recycled Featherweight Stretch Fabric is so quick to dry you do not need to put them in the dryer. The planet says thanks! 

15. Alala 

The energy of New York City inspires Alala. It is a modern, young, stylish, and confident brand. Their clothes are a perfect mix of functionality and style, and their online store guarantees practicality and fair prices. With their clothes, Alala founders want women to feel pulled-together, sophisticated, confident, and ready to do anything. 

16. Carbon 38 

Carbon 38 was created by Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak, a couple of dancers that met at ballet class. Their clothes are colorful, bright, and fun. Since they know how important it is to wear comfortable clothes to achieve better performance, they collaborate with a panel of fitness experts that test all of their pieces and give feedback, thus ensuring the highest possible quality for each item. They have sizes ranging from XXS to L. Their website is very well designed and organized, and it also acts as a curator, bringing to our attention a lot of quality global brands that share their philosophy.  

17. Yoga Hyde 

The founder of Yoga Hyde is a yoga lover who quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of designing yoga clothes. The good thing about Yoga Hyde is that the founder partnered with yoga teachers and the yoga community to create the clothing items.

That means that the pants, tops, and bras fit well and work for yoga purposes. Organic and natural materials are the go-to choice for the brand, and they also contribute to many charitable causes in the US and around the world. 

18. Karma

Karma calls itself a fashion-driven activewear brand. They were formerly a small brand focusing only on hot yoga clothes, but have since reinvented themselves. Their goal is to be a high-fashion brand of clothing that women want to wear for exercise and style purposes.

To achieve that, their founders stay on top of the latest fashion trends, athletic technologies, and manufacturing techniques. They want to empower women who are ready to elevate their life with healthy practices. 

19. Green Apple 

Green Apple’s team is always trying to have fun by mixing new patterns and different types of fabrics. They also create their own, environmentally friendly types of fabric! Organically grown Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton are just a couple of examples of materials you can expect to find in their pieces. Also, expect a lot of colors, juxtaposition, and patterns.  

20. Jala Clothing

Jala Clothing also follows ethical guidelines when producing their apparel, both in manufacturing and business. Apart from that, Jala Clothing partners with an amazing non-profit organization called Yoga Gives Back. This organization helps mothers around India to start their businesses and send their children to school. If you are looking to wear comfortable and quality clothing while also giving something back to women in need, Jala Clothing is the answer. 

How to Choose the Best Yoga Clothing Brands 

Yes, you can go to a yoga class wearing just anything you found in your closet. We guarantee, however, that you will achieve more results and feel better if you wear proper yoga clothes. They were designed with the specific movements of a yoga lesson in mind, and are great for any weather. Before we dive into the best particular brands that are worth a try, let’s see what makes them so great. Here are the 5 ways to see if a yoga clothing brand is all that.   

1) Quality of materials

This should be your number 1 priority for any clothes, but especially yoga clothes. These are pants and tops you’ll use daily, and you will stretch them sweat on them and push them to their limits. They have to be good; otherwise, you will find yourself buying new clothes every other month. That is why it is worth to invest in clothes with good material – if they last a long time you will end up spending way less than if you buy cheap options. 

Yoga pants are usually made of bamboo, cotton, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo are excellent for the slow movements of yoga and feel great on the skin. Some also use spandex to allow for the stretch you need in yoga. 

 2) Breathability 

The best yoga clothes are very breathable. You don’t want to feel restrained and hot during a yoga class. If you sweat and you are wearing clothes that are not breathable, your skin will suffer. That can lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and hives. It can also increase your body temperature too much by not allowing any air in, and make you feel really bad or even faint. 

 3) Style

Everybody wants to look and feel good about themselves. That should also apply to yoga clothing brands. It is not about showing off or following a style, but about the way we feel about our bodies and minds. If we feel comfortable in our clothes, if we own yoga pants and tops that we love and that are stylish and cute, we will feel more encouraged to practice and go to yoga classes. There is nothing wrong with looking good while doing exercise, and that only adds to the experience. 

 4) Softness 

It is always better to wear soft clothes, and yoga is not different. If you are wearing itchy clothes that will only bring your attention away from your practice. Any distraction should be eliminated in a yoga class, and that includes uncomfortable and scratchy clothes. They should be so comfortable and soft that you forget you are wearing them and can throw yourself into the practice and movements of yoga.  

5)  Movement 

There is a lot of movement in a yoga class. Unlike running, which repeats the same moves constantly, yoga offers a range of motions with all our body parts. We open and close our arms, bringing our legs up to our heads and much more. Yoga clothes cannot, in any way, limit those movements. If you can’t achieve a pose in yoga because of the pants you’re wearing- there is something wrong.

The clothes should be tight fitting to follow your movements and don’t show too much, but elastic enough that they let you do anything your body can accomplish. 

6) Ethicality 

It may be controversial, but if you are dedicated to yoga practice, you know that one of its main principles is the Ahimsa – to not harm. This can be extended to all parts of life, including shopping. Buying from a company that supports slave labor or practices body shame technically goes against the core of what yoga is. Buying from brands that support ethical behaviors and try to reduce environmental impact is aligned with the yoga mentality. 

If you are looking for a traditional yoga brand that is tested and tried or you want to know the new trendy brands that are innovating on the market, we are here for you! We did a lot of research to come up with this list of the 15 best yoga clothing brands that are available today, and we know you will find your next leggings here. A good yoga brand should keep in mind that no one is the same and that all bodies are yoga bodies. So let’s see where can you buy yoga tops that fit all bodies and all pockets! 


Although clothes are not magical and cannot make you fit just by wearing them, they can certainly help us. If you are tired of buying tops that don’t quite fit, pants that are too tight and tops that roll down when you do inversions, give these brands a try. With all these choices of yoga clothing brands for all budgets and body types, we are sure you will find just the right one for you! 

Even if you are on a tight budget, we still recommend you look for quality pieces. In the long run, you will spend much less. The trick is to buy just one really good item instead of three cheaply made ones. The quality one will last you ten times more, and you can slowly build up your yoga wardrobe. The designs are so cute, and the feel is so comfortable that we understand why some people get addicted. Try some on, and you will never wear jeans again!