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Looking for the best Yoga Tops to add to your sports closet?

Staying and healthy and fit doesn’t require much of gears and equipment to do. There are lots of home routines that can be done using bodyweight and home surfaces like walls and the floor. While some love high-intensity training workouts, some prefer lower intensity training, and if you are one of those, you would love doing Yoga workouts.

Yoga originated from India as some sort of spiritual activity and as time passed by, the cultures have been passed onto different generations, mixed into different cultures, and, yes it mixed well to the western culture to which, we got modern sports Yoga that most people practices.

The sports yoga that is being practiced by many is called asana, or body postures. These body postures help yogins develop better muscles on parts that are being strained and stretched through these yoga positions. Aside from this, it also promotes better blood circulation, gives stress relief, and helps the body attain proper posture.

Yoga Essentials: Yoga Tops

Yoga is a sports activity and since it involves stretching, bending, and poses that are strenuous to the muscled, movement should be unrestricted and distraction-free. This means proper clothes are essential to maximizing the effects of doing these Yoga workouts.

Yoga Tops have a variety of choices since it’s not like your fencing uniform or Tae-Kwon-do suit that is distinct. What makes the yoga tops different that you can distinguish it as a yoga top compared to other sports top garments is its design allowing free movement to the wearer.

Picking the Right Yoga Tops

There are a bunch of these clothes out there that you can choose from and we want to help you pick the yoga top that is just right for you. Here are some things to consider in buying a yoga top.

  • FabricIn choosing your yoga tops, you might want to check what fabric is used. There’s a wide range of fabric to choose from. If you like fibrous feels on the skin that is sweat-absorbent, cotton is a good pick. For a skin-tight fit, spandex, elastane or some other synthetic fiber are best so that it forms with the body and follows the body movements.The fabric used also says about breathability and durability.
  • Size AvailabilityIt’s always a wise move to check seam specifications when buying any sorts of clothes. In terms of yoga tops, it is important so not to buy awkwardly fitting garments that might be way too baggy or way too tight. Both are not ergonomic, distracting, and restricting.
  • DesignDesign is one of the game-changer since this is a top garment. You should never sacrifice style and always consider what kind of fashion statement you’re best at. You may love to go for comfortably loose clothes, or skin-tight as leotards, or you love to show more skin, all depends on your fashion flavor.
  • Added FeaturesYoga tops are already great if its functional, stylish, and fit perfect. But, it would be greater if there are added function to your workout clothing. Compressive yoga tops can produce better workout results, that’s for one.

Best Yoga Tops on the Market

We made a list of the best Yoga tops we found in the market to help you choose the next addition to your workout closet.

1. FREE PEOPLE Good Karma Yoga Top

FP Good Karma Yoga tops

Topping the list is FREE PEOPLE Good Karma Yoga Tops. The overall yoga top feels is cool and comfortable without the danger of awkward wardrobe malfunction. Available on color Army, Onyx and Coral. This sporty yoga top is also great for your summer outfit.

  • Fabric: 82% Nylon, 18% SpandexNylon threads are strong yet soft and its combination with spandex material makes this yoga top stretchable but not rubbery in the skin. Ideal for a yoga top.
  • Sizes: US XS – US LThe size range is measured by Bra size starting from US XS of 32A to US L of 36D. Fits perfectly for petite to medium-sized women.
  • Design: It is designed with a detailed ribbing that enhances body shape with a plunging neckline for a more comfortable feel supported with crisscross back straps plus, a longline silhouette and cropped for an added style. This yoga top is designed for better free movement.
  • Added Feature: The fitting is tight and provides entry-level compression to the wearer.

2. PRANA Everyday Support Yoga Top


This slim-fit yoga top by PRANA is a great one you want to check. PRANA Everyday Support Yoga Top is a women’s tank top with so much versatility to its function and style.

  • Fabric: 93% Supplex Nylon, 7% Lycra ElastaneThe fabric has a jersey-feels to the body. It fits perfectly to the wearer’s body and is cool in the skin since it is lightweight. With the material used for these yoga tops, the stretchability is great and is also durable noting that this is made from Vietnam.
  • Sizes: US XS – US XLThe size range starts from US XS of 33″ bust size to US XL of 43″ bust size. Its has a wide range of selection for various types of body build of women.
  • Design: PRANA Everyday Support Yoga Top is designed with a V-neck neckline emphasizing wearer’s collarbone and chest features. Not only that, but it also keeps a cool feel to the wearer. It has a jersey-like stretch and a diamond strappy back support. The slim fit also makes this outfit stylish for women of all body figures.
  • Added Feature: This yoga top has a bunch of added feat and we want to highlight its UPF 50+ that is infused in this fabric for better sun protection. That is quite a technology! It has an interior shelf bra with mesh lining and has a removable modesty cups either for better covering or for enhancing chest looks. One of its kind, really worth a check.

3. FREE PEOPLE Luminous Crop Yoga Top

FP Luminous Yoga top

Looking for a stylish yet comfortable yoga tops? FREE PEOPLE Luminous Crop Yoga Top might be what you’re looking for. This sportswear is great for all sorts of active lifestyle routine and that includes sports yoga.

  • Fabric: 88% Polyester, 11% ElastaneMade from imported fabric, this yoga top has a smooth feel in the skin and fits well to the body with its highly stretchable characteristic.
  • Sizes: US XXS – US LThe size range starts from US XXS of 24″ bust size to US L of 32″ bust size. Best fit for petite women.
  • Design: FREE PEOPLE Luminous Crop Yoga Top is designed V-neck, exhibiting a good frontal coverage. It has crisscross backstraps for better support. Not only that it defines coverage, but it also helps to show off sexy looks for the wearer. It is self-lined, cropped, and available on colors Black, Lavender, and Taupe.
  • Added Feature: This yoga top is made with adjustable ruching so that the wearer has can have control over the coverage if she would want greater or lesser.

4. PRANA Momento Yoga Top

prana moment yoga tops

Sexy and fab doesn’t have to be nude all the time. That is what PRANA Momento Yoga Top loudly says with this fashionable sports tops that might be the best one for you.

  • Fabric: Polyester Blend.Not only people that are fans of health & wellness will love this, but also those who are concerned with the environment. This yoga top is made up of a Bluesign-approved polyester nylon blend. This means that the material used in this fabric, as well as the process of making this fabric, is harmless to the environment.
  • Sizes: US XS – US XLMeasurement of size from chest circumference where the range starts from US XS of 33″ chest measurement to US L of 43″ chest measurement. It has a good spectrum of sizes for a wide variety of women’s body sizes.
  • Design: PRANA Momento Yoga Top is available on colors Black, Dark Mauve, Liqueur and, Atlantic. Pretty much classy shades of color as the name sounds. This stylish yoga top is not just great for yoga exercises, but also for any casual appointment as well. The back portion is designed with racerback strap detail delivering medium support.
  • Added Feature: Aside for the fabric being Bluesign-approved, PRANA Momento Yoga Tops just like all other PRANA sportswear is made with UPF 50+ for added sunlight protection. It also has an interior shelf-bra and removable modesty cups.

5. PRANA Helani Yoga Top

prana yoga helani

Yoga tops don’t necessarily mean strapped clothes or always sleeveless. PRANA Helani Yoga Top is the best for those who are conservative and want to show lesser skin while not compromising the comfort and cool feels of the yoga tops.

  • Fabric: Polyester Blend.Little is known about the exact composition of the fabric but wearing one tells you that it is made of a good combination of synthetics fibers. This yoga tops is stretchable and has a medium weight.
  • Sizes: US XS – US L
  • Design: PRANA Helani Yoga Top is designed on a chainmail-like mesh and is very little see-through to being non-seethrough. Is has a lightly elastic sleeve and has a longer back portion of the shirt that the front.
  • Added Feature: The way this yoga top was designed speaks to how it keeps a cool feels to the wearer.

6. BALANCE COLLECTION Lively Layering Yoga Top

Balance layering yoga tops

Loving long sleeves? BALANCE COLLECTION Lively Layering Yoga Top could be the yoga top of your choice. Perfect for yoga exercises, this yoga top will surely be a great addition to your sports closet.

  • Fabric: 90%-10% & 95%-5% Polyester-Spandex Combination; .Your next new yoga top is made up of a good combination of polyester and spandex giving a firm shape to the garment and does not deform on excessive stretches which is ideal for a yoga top.
  • Sizes: US XS – US LMeasurements are taken through hips, waist and, bust circumference which we recommend to check since this is a top garment. It ranges from 32″ for XS to 40″ for L.
  • Design: BALANCE COLLECTION Lively Layering Yoga Top is a long-sleeved yoga top that is made to relax fit to the wearer. The sleeve length measures 26″ from the shoulders and is made to have a scoop neckline. Available on Heather Slate Gray color.
  • Added Feature: There is a back mesh inset that gives a cool feels to the wearer as is also has similarities with a sweatshirt on the way it looks and feels.

Get Yours Now!

It’s always fun to do yoga activities keeping in mind the various benefits it can give to the body. Not only that, but this is also a kind of social activity and the way you look with your sports apparel is something to think about. So, checking for some new yoga tops isn’t bad and these are the top options we found across the web that you might love.