There is nothing like a pampering day to get ourselves back in our feet. If you are feeling under the moon, had a stressing week at work or just need a break from everything (and everyone) a spa day is an answer. With so many treatments to choose from, which one is the best and right for you? Check some of the best ones. 

1) Massage treatments 

There are not a lot of treatments you can get that will leave you more relaxed than a massage. When we work, run errands, sit on our computers or any other daily activity, we contract muscles and stand in uncomfortable positions for long periods without noticing. Getting a massage is the best way to get rid of the knots in your muscles and make you feel incredibly fresh in just one hour. 

2) Facial 

Our face is constantly exposed to pollution, dirt, the sun and all kinds of outside impurities. Blocked pores can get inflamed and red and cause blackheads. Getting a facial cleanses and opens our pores, leaving you with glowing skin if you do it regularly. It is a must for everyone who lives in a city or has oily skin. 

3) Private Yoga classes 

Have you ever thought of taking a private yoga class? It can be a fantastic experience to have the tutor’s complete attention for a whole class. They can correct your positions, help you break through a new pose and guide you through breathing exercises that will help you immensely in your practice. 

Taking time to care for your body is a way to show yourself self-love and respect. Whatever you choose, the important thing on a spa day is to relax, so pick a treatment or service that you will enjoy, and treat yourself!