You don’t need to pay high fees for nyc yoga studios or even leave your house to find your inner peace. If you are committed enough, there are many routes you can take to become a master yoga, and online yoga classes are one of them. All you need is the right instructor, the right yoga gear, a working computer, and a little space and voila, you are ready for amazing yoga classes!

Our Pick of Yoga Class!

With that in mind, we compiled this incredible list with all of the best online yoga courses and classes you can find on the whole of the internet. We did the work so you can have all the fun when it comes to an online yoga subscription!

Top 7 Best Online Yoga Courses 

 1) Glo

Glo is a supportive community that offers a refreshing take. They have many instructors that showcase different body types, shining away from the idea that only the tall and skinny can do yoga in meditation classes.

Their subscription offers you unlimited yoga (and pilates) so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything else. To make logging in a fun experience and working out effective for you, the programs focused on different themes, like yoga with props, yoga to detox, and happy hour yoga so there’s definitely workouts to suit everyone.

Their website itself is calming and appealing, you begin to feel relaxed just by clicking on it. If you are not sure this is the best yoga online for you, don’t worry. Just sign up for a free trial and try everything you can before making a decision in your yoga journey.

If you love it, you can even get online classes as a subscription for a friend as a present. Their teachers are global experts and have a lot of knowledge to share as a yoga instructor. Their library is always expanding with new videos being added for on demand classes, so getting bored is a hard thing to accomplish daily yoga practice.

Let Glo be your partner, state your goal and they will have a plan that suits you and find what will match your skill level. From balance, weight loss, strength, a calmer life, they have the path for you. If yoga is more than exercise for you and more of a lifestyle, you may be interested to know that they offer in-depth courses on yoga topics so you can expand your knowledge.

 2) Yogi Approved

YogiApproved is another great platform to practice yoga online. They offer yoga classes of all types, and also programs that will help you fulfill your intentions. Maybe there is a specific pose and skill you want to master? Just type it in and you are likely to find a step-by-step on it via meditation videos, or even a series of lessons to help, like the “learning how to do a handstand” popular series.

To make things even better, for every class you take the nonprofit Trees for the Future plants a food-producing tree in needed areas in Africa. They showcase the number of trees planted so far on the website, which is cool to know.

With an unlimited membership, you have the choice amongst dozens of new classes daily. From Cardio Vinyasa to Evening Flows and Sun Moon Flows, you are sure to find something that fits your current mood and needs with the class suggestions. You can follow a program or take individual lessons, or even mix and match. They have a blog with a lot of good content and their pricing is one of the best in the market nowadays which is completely free.

 3) Gaia

For those who get bored easily, variety is the most important thing in yoga classes. And Gaia certainly delivers with their styles. With more than eight thousand videos, we challenge you to find something you don’t like in these fitness videos. Their filtering system is also top-notch and accurate, so you can find specific classes, like an intermediate Hatha lesson to wind up from the day in twenty-five minutes.

They have new videos added almost daily, and a feature we like – ratings. You can see how many people liked or disliked a lesson and make an informed choice and choose exactly what you like the look of from their entire library. With a big variety like this, you can also try new styles and new poses without having to pay more for it if you want to try something different like strength training. This gives you the freedom to branch out and enjoy more of what yoga can offer as the classes range so much.

Are you interested in alternative healing, ancient civilizations or holistic foods? If you are a Gaia member you can stream videos and series about the most diverse topics with free access. Follow discussions about the future of humankind and the space program or watch how different cultures and religions make use of psychedelic plants and teas in yoga philosophy. As we said before, the content is so wide and diverse that you are sure to find your niche or legitimate interest for mind body connection.

4) Yoga International

Yoga International is the place to go deep into yoga practice and break the barrier between being a casual practitioner and a true yogi. There you will find genuinely specific content that is useful, like prenatal classes that relieves foot pain, and ways to make the forward-bending pose more effective. If you are an intermediate or advanced student you will appreciate the advice and knowledge you can find in Yoga International.

The platform also has a lot of courses you can take to take it to the next level, even if you are already a teacher. For example, they offer a course to yoga teachers teaching them how to better deal with students on the spectrum, an amazing opportunity you will likely not find elsewhere. Beginners are benefited too, with a course on how to make peace with yourself and your body even before starting the yoga practice.

Yoga International knows what they are talking about in their yoga classes. This is the website if you want a serious place to enhance your knowledge and practice. Another great example of that is the series on inversions. They don’t only show you the step-by-step on how to make a headstand.

Since they know that to make a headstand you need upper body strength and core control, you are first led through a series of classes to build up those strengths and control, so you can perform a safe and correct headstand in the end. They go deeper and thus, make it real as if you’re there in the studio.

 5) Alo Moves 

Alo Moves releases new content weekly, and have an established good library for members. If you need core work, a morning wake-up or a long wind-down class, they have your back. You can filter by type, instructor, length, or several other aspects with their yoga classes.

They also cater for beginners and advanced students alike, with classes like “beginner flexibility” or “beyond flexibility”. That ensures that you never reach a plateau and that your money will always be worth it.

There is a free trial with fourteen days where you can enjoy all different classes and instructors, and make up your mind about Alo Moves. The free trial period is a great way to see if you love it! If you are a man that loves yoga, you’ll find out that they have plenty of men instructors, with tips and lessons catered for the male body.

 6) The Journey Junkie

Allie is a former corporate marketer that quit to follow her vision of what freedom and yoga are. Her platform shares not only yoga videos but yogi philosophy and support during your course to mastering yoga. She also offers workshops for further self-development. Learn about spirituality, how to get into yoga or how to build strength effectively with body part focus.

You need a membership to access all the content, but there are a lot of free programs too. This is great for you to get a feel of Allie’s method and to see if she is a good fit for you.

Maybe you are looking for something more, an immersion into the yoga way of life or a vacation from a stressful routine. If this sounds interesting, The Journey Junkie organizes all-inclusive yoga retreats to stunning destinations like Italy, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They are usually six days retreats, and the price includes everything you could need – even the yoga mat!

You’ll be picked up from the airport, stay in amazing accommodations with loads of greenery, eat fresh and organic vegetarian meals three times a day, participate in activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and trips to beaches. Of course, daily yoga and meditation sessions are part of the package with the live classes.

Allie and her husband are currently sailing around the world, and you can follow her journey on the website too. She is truly an inspiring person that will be alongside you every step of the way.

 7) Yoga with Tim

If you think the yoga world is a bit of a girls club, Yoga with Tim is here to prove you wrong. Tim Senesi is the founder of the platform, and he lives and teaches by yoga principles. He has a thirty-day yoga challenge you can complete for free, with daily videos that are sent to you and get more challenging each day. With a membership, there is plenty to choose from. If you are interested in seeing the world upside down, there is a great headstand course with all the lessons needed in the free membership.

Tim also has a blog where he shares his ideas, recipes, playlists to practice to, and much more. It is like having an instructor and friend always available. There are yoga retreats to incredible destinations, like Bali, with fantastic food and a lot of yoga involved. Tim believes that yoga can change lives, and is here to show you how. There are plenty of vídeos on youtube that he is adamant about sharing for free, so if any of this excited you can just head there and see for yourself.

Youtube can be the source of a lot of knowledge and tutorials for free. It is a cheap way to get into a hobby or learn how to fix something. It is not different from yoga, several instructors share youtube videos with full classes for anyone to enjoy. Take a look at our favorite classes via his free youtube videos.

Our Pick of Yoga Class!

Top 6 Best Youtube Yoga Channels

1) Do You Yoga

Doyouyoga is a platform with many different teachers. They have a website that is beautifully organized with a lot of content and videos, and many of them are on youtube. If you’re looking for something to get you started on a routine, we tried the Do you yoga thirty days challenge and enjoyed it.

They also have several other series you can try, like a fourteen-day power yoga challenge and twenty-eight days of yoga for beginners. There is a lot of paid content, but a lot of it is also available on Youtube.

Their channel has over two hundred thousand subscribers, and we can see why. The videos are not low-quality classes. They are well recorded with great lightning, clear instructions and a beautiful background. You feel more relaxed just from watching and the teachers make sure they go on a pace that is completely doable for those at home in your room.

The videos are color labeled, so if you want to follow a specific theme you can easily find it on the channel. From core strength to advanced poses and beginners flows, they have it all dependant on your skill level.

Their website offers a membership, but if you are not looking for that at the moment, it is perfectly possible to go through months of free content before having to repeat a lesson. To be able to access free yoga classes online that are high quality is brilliant!

The teachers are laid back but highly trained, so you feel supported and relaxed at the same time. There is no place for judging in the Doyouyoga community, and they are one of the top online yoga channels with free content nowadays. Just open up on your computer, tablet, or cellphone and enjoy it as if you were in a live class!

 2) Yoga with Adrienne 

Adrienne is a titan in the online yoga business. She has more than seven million videos on her channel and adds more every week. With almost six million people subscribed to her channel, you know she must be doing something right! She is awarded and a highly searched yoga teacher. Her videos are satisfying to watch and are well made.

Adrienne also created the platform “Find What Feels Good”, with more specific yoga lessons and series. There are a website and yoga apps, so you will always be connected. The Youtube channel is very organized and the videos are divided by theme.

Yoga for beginners, yoga for back pain, and yoga for weight loss are just some of them. You can also sort by length and find the perfect class for those extra twenty minutes you just realized you had. If you have a goal – we are sure Adrienne can help you when it comes to yoga workouts.

What many people like about her is that she is approachable as a yoga teacher. Adrienne is positive but not annoying, knowledgeable but humble. She could be your friend and it shows it. She is always doing events and also has a little online shop with apparel and gear that is worth a check if you need new equipment for your meditation classes.

 3) Five Parks Yoga

Erin Sampson from Five Parks Yoga has the most beautiful yoga videos with amazing backgrounds, like the ocean, a swimming pool full of greenery or a mountain. It makes you want to get on a plane and go do yoga on a tropical island! She and her family share their time between the US and Costa Rica, and the last is where many of her yoga videos are filmed.

The lessons are almost always focused on something, so you can find a purpose when doing yoga. You can do yoga for strength, yoga for anxiety yoga for runners, yoga for anything you can think of! That is why we love Erin so much, she always finds a way to incorporate a theme into the class. She has a series of very cute “yoga with acoustic guitar” videos, where she teaches while someone plays live music in the background.

Apart from the thousands of free videos to join their online yoga class, Five Parks Yoga has a program where they hold yoga camps for young girls and guide them to become stronger and more confident. Yoga retreats in Costa Rica are also available, and they are extremely popular among the yogi community. There is something for everyone on the Five Parks Yoga Youtube channel, and it is free to watch.

 4) Yoga with Cole 

Cole is the most zen of the teacher we came across in our research. She has beachy hair, speaks slowly and exhales tranquility. Cola has a platform and a website where she shares everything she has to offer. Apart from yoga classes, you can also find amazing Thai Massages and interesting Yoga Retreats. Patagonia and Bali are just some of the destinations she has done retreats in. Expect a lot of yoga, sharing and healing to happen in those.

Her youtube channel has more than fifteen thousand subscribers, and she supplies videos constantly. There are many to choose from, like bedtime yoga, gratitude meditation, and neck and shoulder relief yoga poses. Like many other channels, there are also challenges and series to follow, like the 6 weeks challenge of yoga for weight loss and yoga sculpt classes.

Cole is a tranquil person and a good soul, and her videos are nice to watch and easy to follow. She also welcomes other teachers to the platform regularly, so you will not be bored with these yoga workouts.

5) Strala 

Strala is a beautiful channel lead by Tara Stiles. It is a very unique place, Tara worked hard to blend her dancing background, her long-time yoga practice and the movement wisdom of Tai Chi Chuan. There are also influences from Chinese and Japanese Medicine, all to help people achieve a stress-free life.

There are other big names behind the brand too, like Mike Taylor and Sam Berlind. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and Sam was the head of the most prestigious Japanese Medicine house in New York for many years. Needless to say, there is a lot of knowledge behind Strala.

Their Youtube channel is clean and simple, and their movement centered videos are mostly short, so you can get your workout in fifteen or even ten minutes. Choose between hardcore core, full-body, slim waist or many others, and enjoy Tara’s straightforward directions. There is not a lot of spirituality or zen talk, so if you enjoy practical vídeos you will like Strala’s ones.

6) Prenatal Yoga Center

If you are an eager yogi and is recently pregnant, you may be in doubt about whether it is safe to continue to practice. Or you are feeling some back pain and heard doing yoga could be a big help to alleviating it. No matter what, you want to keep you and the baby safe while engaging in any kind of physical activity, and Prenatal Yoga Center is here to help with that.

The platform believes in education and in building a strong community to surround the future mother with love and support during the pregnancy. Labour is a challenging moment in any woman’s life, and yoga poses can give them coping skills to deal with these physical and mental challenges. They incorporate childbirth education themes and current birthing trends into their classes, to grow knowledge and to help new families make informed empowered decisions.

Their Youtube videos are also a mix of that, positions suited for pregnant women and education videos. Follow their blog and podcast for even more free info on the topic.

Even if you are a beginner you can enjoy the best online yoga programs. It is not difficult to follow online classes, and if you listen to your body and don’t push your boundaries you will be fine. Some online teachers are especially good for beginners, so let’s take a look at some.

Top 3 Best Online Yoga for Beginners 

 1) Yoga download

Not only Yoga Download is good for beginners but it is also great for your wallet. This is the cheapest subscription we could find, and it gives you access to more than 1500 videos. The website is well done, you can browse by focus, instructor, levels, and more. Their programs are meant to give a nice basis on poses, breathing, and meditation. They also show many techniques and have detox and wellness programs.

If you wish to immerse yourself into the yoga world and jump-start your practice, they hold fantastic retreats, like the next one in Morocco. It is a great way to travel and still learn something! The Yoga Download Youtube is full of free vídeos, so you don’t have to buy a membership or a retreat to fully enjoy the benefits of the platform.

Thirty-one thousand subscribers watch and follow videos like detox yoga or hummingbird flow. There are also explanatory videos, explaining how to do certain poses and what is the difference between yoga types.

2) Sara Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth has ten years of experience teaching yoga. She has a busy life herself and makes it a priority to make videos that are easy to follow, practical and useful. She has a website and a membership with unlimited access to many classes and programs. Part of that money is donated to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that tries to rescue and recover children and vulnerable adults that are victims of human trafficking.

Her Youtube channel is a rich one. There is something for all of your needs, from weight loss to tight hips. From a sore neck to balance practice. There are also great lessons on prenatal yoga that any woman can follow to feel more comfortable while pregnant. Sarah Beth also does a series of vlog videos about health and cooking, yoga tips, and what her behind the scenes look like. She is down to earth and knows what she is talking about, head to her channel and step on the mat to start feeling better about yourself.

3) Cosmic Kids Yoga

Trying to get your children some healthy screen time? Why not do so with yoga?! There are many benefits for anyone that does yoga, but that is especially true for kids. Here are some of the reasons your child will be better from doing Cosmic Kids yoga:

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga encourages other healthy habits. Eating well, breathing and taking care of our bodies are all valuable lessons children will learn.
  • Yoga helps us calm ourselves. It is not easy being a kid. They are learning how to deal with emotions and experiencing new ones every day. Yoga can help them learn how to calm themselves down in a stressful situation.
  • Yoga is a great exercise. Children need exercise to grow well, we all know that! What is better than yoga?

Cosmic kids has a colorful platform with the amazing Jaime, a fun teacher your kids will love. There are stories, songs, and adventures, all to get them moving while having fun. Check the website, Youtube channel, and app. We are sure you will be ok with your kid being on the phone if it is on Cosmic Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Yoga 

 Can I do yoga at home?

This is one of the main concerns regarding doing at home yoga. In a studio, you have the support of an organization and the gaze of a teacher always on you. An instructor is helpful to guide you in the tricky positions and to give you feedback about your posture. It is not a requirement, however, and it is entirely possible to succeed in doing yoga at home.

The trick is to take things slow, and not force yourself. Most of the online teachers will give clear instructions about the pose, so take your time to listen well and also to watch them, copying as much as you can. Make sure you are on a safe environment and stop if you feel pain.

 Can I lose weight by doing yoga?

Yes, one can certainly lose weight by doing yoga, even online yoga. Some types of yoga are very vigorous and elevate heart rate which is great for losing weight. Even restorative yoga, which is very gentle, has been proven to help women lose weight in the long term – especially in the abdominal area.

 Is yoga easy?

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it can be as easy or as difficult as you want. Particularly with online yoga. Feeling tired and worn out? Choose a restorative yoga class to help you feel renewed. Feeling fresh and want to break out a sweat? Choose a more intense Vinyasa and challenge yourself. The length of a class is also a big factor, and you can choose a short session to make it more doable.

 What is the best time of the day to do online yoga?

The good thing about yoga online is that you can do it at any time. Many people, however, rage about the benefits of doing yoga first thing in the morning and/or the last thing at night. This can do wonders for mental health and quality of sleep, and doing it at home is the best way to get those benefits.

 How often should a beginner do online yoga?

Although it is completely up to you how many times you practice, most teachers recommend you do it at least once a week. Once every two weeks is not enough to build balance and exercise the muscles. As you grow more confident, three times a week is a fantastic goal to have and a great number to see some transformation soon. 


Finding an online yoga lesson is a little bit like finding a gym or studio. You have to trust the program and like the teacher. The main thing with an online yoga subscription is that you can do it from anywhere, anytime. If you only have time to stop at 11 pm, that’s ok. Just find a video you like and press play. If you are traveling for work and have one hour before a business meeting, perfect! Log in on our phone and unwind in your hotel room.

You will find that it is much easier to follow a routine if you have the freedom to pick and choose among hundreds of classes instead of having to do a class you don’t love because it is the only one available at that time in the studio. Take charge of your journey to self-improvement, pick one of the best online yoga courses and don’t look back.