What Is Kundalini Awakening And How To Recognize It

As we know it, the world is full of mysteries and hidden energies that are continually flowing around, waiting for us to discover. Channeling these energies guides us to understand ourselves better and know the purpose of our very existence.

Some individuals, spiritual teachers, and yogis have been effective in harnessing these energies and make use of them in aligning themselves with the whole universe. It takes many hours, hard work, and steadfastness to channel these energies because they are mighty and spellbinding bodies.

And because of these reasons, most fall-short in their exploration of channeling these energies and come back living their everyday life. In this guide, let’s uncover the infamous kundalini awakening, how to harness and handle it, and, most importantly, its stunning effects you will reap in the long run.

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Due to your awakened kundalini energy, you will feel unified or achieved a sense of progress. So to understand this more deeply, let us first find out what Kundalini energy is.

The kundalini energy represents a serpent coiled around the spine’s root, the shield-shaped bony structure, the sacrum. It is already there since birth. And when awakened, it envelops our entire chakra system (energy), cleansing any blockages from its passage and detaching any connection to the ego so the energy can flow within us.

The ancient has it that the awakening of kundalini energy can oust duality while freeing your being so that the life-force energy can easily flow through us. This encourages the end of ego and reinforces your awareness to a whole new level of understanding.

Awakening the Kundalini Energy

Awakening your Kundalini energy is done through forms of sacred manners rooted in one of the world’s earliest beliefs – Hinduism. Since old times, in India, yogis would practice and prepare themselves for years and years to harness Kundalini awakening.

Today, most practitioners seek the fastest way to get there. However, it’s essential to know and recollect that preparedness is the key when facing energy as powerful as Kundalini.

Through various yoga poses, meditations, breathwork, chants, and the list goes on; we must redirect and unravel the kundalini energy (divine feminine force) found within us, as safe and as traditional as it should be.

Throughout this process, we’ll spark and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit by nourishing ourselves with every nourishment there is. Below are the definitive steps to achieve a Kundalini awakening.

Stage #1: Your Breathwork

Breathwork or pranayamas will lead the way in cleansing and purifying the mind and body. There are distinct breathwork sequences that you can practice to help you with the awakening.

You may also direct yourself on consciously changing your breath at the very top and bottom to encourage the life-force energy passing each energy’s centers.

Stage #2: Daily dose of Meditation

Meditation is the prime tool in paving a successful awakening. When meditating, it’s best to be seated upright with proper posture so that you can easily direct the energies to move freely through you.

Visualization is a highly-useful meditation technique in awakening kundalini as you concentrate on manifesting the energy inside you. Moreover, you can also visualize the divine light as you see fit.

On that note, allow yourself to be guided appropriately to achieve meditation. How to Meditate

Stage #3: Yoga poses or asanas

Kundalini and Hatha yoga significantly involves various movements, poses, and breathwork techniques supporting kundalini awakening.

Kundalini yoga is filled with repetitive movements and poses that can cleanse your organs from toxins, promote energy levels, and open the energy system. On the other hand, Hatha yoga focuses on various poses, breathwork, meditation, and shatkarmas for awakening.

Stage #4: Chanting mantras

By chanting different mantras, you will promote and align the internal vibration with your external environment. The force of sound and vibration present in our body makes it simpler to activate the awakening.

There are seven mantras you can choose for awakening kundalini, and these are the LAM (root chakra), VAM (sacral chakra), RAM (solar plexus), YAM (heart chakra), HAM (throat chakra), AUM (third-eye), and being quiet for some time (crown chakra).

Stage #5: Yoga mudras

These yoga mudras are composed of hand, arm, and body gesture that opens an energetic seal inside the body. It promotes and boosts energy flow in selected parts of the body to encourage balance and stillness.

Here are some of the effective yoga mudras for awakening that you can partner with the seven mantras mentioned above: the Muladhara Mudra (root chakra), Shakti Mudra (sacral chakra), Rudra Mudra (solar plexus), Padma Mudra (heart chakra), Granthita Mudra (throat chakra), Mudra of the Great Head (third-eye), and the Mudra of Thousand Petals (crown chakra).

Stage #6: The power of prayers

The real power of prayers is often neglected. Never have a second thought because this is exceptionally effective and crucial in awakening Kundalini energy.

Stage #7: Intervention of a guru

Shaktipat is the process of transferring spiritual energy from a spiritual master guru to the apprentice. The transfer usually happens by touch, but for some reason, it can also be transmitted by verbal and only just by staring through the eyes.

Stage #8: Profound devotion

Awakening your kundalini energy can also be done through a serious study of philosophy and sacred writings and profound devotion through prayers and intentions.

Stage #9: Completely in control of body and mind

When practicing yoga highest tantra like Brahmacharya, you master both physical and mental abstinence. The concept of this is instead of finding the other half or union from the outside, you retreat inwardly and look association through yourself.

Dealing with awakened kundalini energy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure in dealing with awakened kundalini energy, here’s some guidance:

1. Take it easy and treat your nervous system well

Your nervous system may overdrive if you’ll have a painful kundalini encounter, so calming your nervous system is essential, and here’s how to do it:

– Take a warm bath with all-natural and essential oils on it. If this doesn’t ring a bell to you, try a cold shower. Just be careful and pay attention to how your body and mind respond to the water’s temperature.

– Step out and get in touch more of nature.

– Make listening to calming music a habit.

– Practice your breathwork more frequently.

2. Skip other spiritual practice temporarily

These spiritual practices might increase the effects of the kundalini awakening. So stop at once, and give yourself a break. Try meditation as an alternative as it improves your awareness in the present moment.

3. Look for professional guidance

If you think awakening kundalini energy is too intense for you, I recommend seeking guidance from a professional psychotherapist. The most useful advice comes from those who genuinely understand and know the importance of unifying the body, mind, and spirit.

Some individuals who specialize in awakening kundalini energy can be found online– but be careful. You have to trust your instincts and when you feel worse or get a weird feeling about something, leave because you don’t owe them any explanation. Look someone or somewhere else. You always have the right to receive the best guidance you need.

Advantages of Kundalini Awakening

The symptoms of kundalini awakening are hard to handle in the beginning. It would help if you work hard and be patient to get the hang of it and then use it to your advantage. The process itself is very lengthy. You can’t even rest even after the awakening and keep yourself busy to get most of it.

Kundalini awakening may bring lots of positive effects on your life. You will begin to feel several changes in your perspective, sensitivity, and way of life. The secret is? Be patient. Below are some of the advantages you may reap in kundalini awakening.

One advantage of kundalini awakening is a better perspective
1. Better perspective

As we grow old, our perception also matures, and it is evident that our aspects are very different from before. Usually, our perspective is often associated with our bodily needs. Our body only responds to necessities to survive and get better.

Kundalini awakening turns the process of survival superficial and enables you to see a different picture. You may find a thing or a person thrilling whom you had overlooked before. Something may spark to inspire you or excite you. The result? You will begin receiving positive vibes from everything that surrounds you, and that’s fair treatment of self-love.

2. Finer Behavior

A typical person responds according to the individual he is with or the situation he is in. In all cases, he’s following his ego and expects something from others in return.

In kundalini awakening, you’ll end expecting anything from anyone.

You give the same understanding, compassion, affection to everything and disagree with anything before you. Because kundalini awakening inspires you to see everything equally, you would never distinguish one being from another.

For you, they seem to appear as part of yourself and begin considering them as divine bodies. All negative attitudes will disappear at once.

Whether it’s an animal or a person, you’ll love them as the same as you do to your friends, parents, and anyone close to you. The person who awakened their kundalini energy connects their soul to anyone before them and makes everything around them divine.

3. Heightened productivity

One effect of kundalini awakening is achieving an immense amount of energy. The energy within you will overflow and amplify, and this will only lead you to get more involved in activities that improve your productivity. It clears your goals, refines your intellectual skills, and reinforces your creativity.

You would start accepting these things and begin adapting complex matters promptly. This sharpens you to handle work pressure better, deliver jobs quicker, and boost your productivity more.

In kundalini awakening, the brain receives extra support for energy, which reinforces every sense in yourself. This will transform yourself to be more efficient, attentive, and dedicated.

4. Improves emotional well-being

As human beings, we unintentionally or intentionally lose our ability to handle ourselves whenever we are put into emotionally tricky situations. We end up emotionally disturbed and lose the harmony built between our mind, body, and spirit.

Kundalini’s awakening balances these forces in unification that you might have failed to do before. This enables us to perceive everything in the same manner. We would never believe anything one superior to the other or one lesser another.

You will achieve enough sensitivity to put everything in balance. You may feel too disappointed or contented; either way, you’ll respond to it accordingly. Awakened kundalini energy will ensure you never lose control of things and to yourself.

An emotionally balanced person is someone who does not react at all. No, that’s not true. An emotionally balanced individual responds and reacts according to the situation without losing control. Kundalini awakening is about to be conscious of your present moment and respond to the situation in a balanced manner.

5. Divine awakening

The most significant advantage you can get out of kundalini awakening is understanding each spirituality. Every people has distinct spiritual traits within. Most of us either neglect the spiritual need we have, or we completely brush it off.

Kundalini awakening balances every sense inside our body using universal vibration. This transforms you to be consciously aware of everything around you. You begin perceiving everything with spiritual aspects. Steadily, you will become a spiritually enhanced individual who attracts nothing but yourself towards divinity.

The divine awakening also reinforces the energies and get an infinite power to stimulate our body, mind, and spirit. Plus, it is linked with Mukti or salvation in the Indian religion. Kundalini awakening enables you to achieve Mukti and set yourself free from the eternal cycle of birth and death.

Bottom line

Kundalini awakening is one of the earliest technique in beautifying the experiences we have as a human being. It is a very therapeutic and powerful technique to set ourselves free from worldly things. Such awakening requires much patience and hard work.

If you want to achieve this, you must sacrifice a lot of hours and be devoted, concentrated, purpose-driven, and, most importantly, be ready to face the effects of kundalini awakening. Are you prepared to awaken your kundalini energy? Start meditating and plan your kundalini experience today!