Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Thinking of introducing your kids to your passion for yoga in the most fun way but unsure where to start? Or do you simply intend to find a healthy activity that will keep your kids energized and stretch their bodies a little bit more? If yes, yoga might be the answer. Even children can benefit from yoga as early as their age, and these benefits are really advantageous for both their minds and bodies.

Most western countries find it hard to address obesity. As a parent, you can encourage your kids to engage in some movements every day. It’s always nice to motivate children to move around because it will strengthen their physical skills and help develop their character. In this section, let’s explore yoga for kids benefits and learn some tips on introducing this healthy lifestyle to your kids in the most relatable way.

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Yoga for Kids: Why Is It Important?

Kids these days spent almost all of their time in front of gadgets. Or they submit to school all day, complete homework at home, family time, and some recreational activities on the weekends.

Doing yoga as a form of exercise to promote mindfulness is not only essential for grownups but for kids also. Yoga is a great way to relax, alleviate stress and anxiety, have a better sleeping habit, improve emotional regulations, develop empathy, and have a better mood.

As grownups, stress is something that we had addressed and adapted to things that we have done throughout our lives. Stress is inevitable and a regular part of anyone’s life. For kids, things are different. They are still learning how to cope up, and they are often challenged about what it is and how to deal with it. Your responsibility as a parent is to provide them with practical yet appropriate ways of handling their emotions suitable for their age.

Tips on Introducing Yoga to Kids

These tips will make yoga relatable and fun. Reading yoga stories or doing familiar yoga poses is an excellent way to start introducing yoga to kids.

Reading yoga stories

Yoga stories are a fantastic idea to make your kids interested in yoga. Reading stories alone is an activity that promotes mindfulness in kids. It keeps them away from their busy environment, and with yoga poses, they will increase their physical and relaxation advantages. Watching videos that are yoga-related is also a good learning outlet for storytelling yoga.

Start with relatable poses

Make sure that each pose you will be teaching is developmentally appropriate. It would help if you considered that younger kids might find strength and balance hard. Sure, these poses have many benefits, but it is also crucial that these skills are taught gradually. This will prevent kids from injuries and eventually encourage them to do more.

You can start with basic poses or asanas named after something that kids know, so they will have a better picture of the poses they will be achieving. Yoga poses that are similar to animals are an effective way of helping kids understand and be entertained.

Enroll in kids yoga class

Whether it’ll be in person or online, enrolling in a live yoga class is an excellent way to make your kids socialize and, at the same time, have fun. These live yoga classes are a perfect add-on for homeschool physical education and make the whole process of yoga-journey so much fun!

Fantastic Benefits of Yoga For Kids

yoga for kids benefits you should know

Practicing yoga can help your kids in many ways; however, it should also be relatable for them. Reaping these physical benefits and relaxation won’t be their ultimate business; thus, they look forward to their stretching time every day.

Let’s explore yoga for kids benefits:

1. Incorporates the proper ways of breathing.
2. Increases their posture and promotes more strength.
3. Enhances your kids’ balance and coordination.
4. Yoga helps in burning unhealthy fats and wards off sickness.
5. It helps your child develop a healthy sleeping habit.
6. Promotes a healthy exercise routine.
7. Relieves anxiety and depression.
8. Increases self-esteem and confidence.
9. Helps to fight attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
10. An excellent way to manage stress.
11. It introduces methods in how to live in the moment.
12. Teaches kinesthetic learning style, best for kinesthetic learners.
13. Boosts creativity and increases self-expression.
14. Refines focus and concentration.
15. Instill that having discipline is worth it.
16. Helps in developing their flexibility.
17. Reinforces the mind and body connection.
18. Supports better mental health in kids.
19. Educates the importance of meditation.
20. Encourages social relationships.
21. Improves mood.
22. Yoga is suitable for kids with special needs.
23. Participates in a non-competitive environment.
24. Helps to deepen their yoga practice as they age.
25. Yoga is good for the heart.
26. It teaches acceptance and sympathy to others.
27. Become resilient.
28. Improves memory and academic performance.
29. Reinforce the endocrine glands.
30. Supports an active and healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is undoubtedly very advantageous for kids— may it be for physical and mental health. When introducing yoga for kids, you should start from the basics and make your way up. From the strength and flexibility needed for each pose and the duration of the yoga session, they will be doing.

Learning these skills takes time. Yoga is a healthy activity that encourages to be done gradually, and yoga for kids benefits is something that we should look forward to. Performing straight to the deep end with something complicated will ruin the relaxation and eventually discourage kids.

Lastly, please remember that teaching kids how to be calm through yoga is also a good way for you to have some extra time of relaxation and peacefulness, so make the best of it and enjoy! Namaste.