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Searching for amazing Yoga T-Shirts?

As the saying goes, there is a beauty in simplicity and we don’t have to ask everybody about this fact. More often than not, simplicity in the fashion sense is often associated with t-shirts. Well, why not? T-shirts are the basic wear that every modern man and woman on the planet wear.

That also speaks for yogins out there who tend to be simple on their get-ups. Yoga T-shirts are the best for them as it provides decent body coverage and it is versatile. A t-shirt can be worn on every casual fashion one can think of.

Why are T-shirts so Prominent?

With the t-shirt being the common wear for many, have you ever wondered how T-shirts started to become the basic fashion trend? Imagine, every civilization and cultures of the world have their own unique traditional clothing. But how did t-shirts become a closet best friend?

T-shirts only came to prominence in the late 19th century, and yes, the t-shirts are young. It all started in the Americas when the laborers cut their jumpsuit in half and their sleeves to keep cool on warmer seasons. By 1898, in the wake of the US-Mexican war, shirts were first manufactured, and by 1913, the US Navy would issue t-shirts as their standard undershirt.

At the beginning of the 20th century, t-shirts were commonly used as undershirts for collared polos and long sleeves. Not until the 1950s where shirt printers rose to prominence. A US Republican presidential candidate used t-shirts for his campaign slogans.

Slowly, the t-shirt printing business became a billion-dollar business. Statement Shirts become a trend as Americans protests against the Vietnam War.

With the global trade ever-expanding in the middle of the 20th century, t-shirts ultimately become the basic wear of almost every human on the planet, well even pets have some shirts with them. And today, a lot of different kinds of shirts intended for specifics purposes such as sports shirts have been engineered.

How to look for a great Yoga T-shirt?

Although yoga shirts are not intricately engineered compared to other activewear, the wide variety of choices in the market still gives us a hard time on choosing what is the great yoga t-shirt for us. We know that you’re looking for a great yoga t-shirt to add up to your closet and that’s why we are making these criteria to help you choose the next great Yoga t-shirt. PS. Learn about the truth behind tantric yoga here.


Let’s start with Fabric. There are a lot of materials that can be used for t-shirts and the most common is cotton since its the softest. Some shirts are also made up of mixtures from other fibers and synthetic fibers such as nylons and rayons. For sports shirts which are engineered for sports purposes, they’re usually made up of spandex.

Also, the durability, flexibility, and texture of the shirt are dependent on the fabric used. Other properties such as level of absorption, how bobble-free it is, the softness, and breathability are based on what material was used to make the shirt.


The T-shirt is simple of simplicity and simplicity does not just come with the shirt itself. Your shirt can be simply plain colored, or with small or big prints, or with stripe design, or with a brand logo, or it could be of other sorts of design.

The shirt length and seam finish are also a design factor you want to check. Design by purpose can also be considered whether the shirt is designed for sports as it would be made with mesh or it could be perforated.

At the end of the day, it will be dependent on your fashion preference when it comes to choosing the design you want.

Size Availability

Not all brands offer every size. Brands also differ on their sizing such as those that are tagged as large can be actually extra-large to another. So you might want to check if your size is available on the shirt you want to buy and if the measurements fit you so that you won’t regret having a shirt delivered that doesn’t fit or way too baggy.

Top Choices of Yoga Shirts for Men

We searched the market for yoga shirts available and made a list of which are the best picks for men and women. We’ll break it down according to our criteria which are fabric, design, and Size Availability

Men’s shirts are typically larger than women’s and are made with a broad shoulder. Men’s preferences are often plain solid colored, iconic printed or statement shirts. While these are the most common shirt picks of men, another deciding factor is the shirt use. For example, if it would be for activewear, or undershirt or just for casual wearing.

Vuori Men’s Strato Tech Yoga Tee

vuori men's strato tech

For men’s listing, we got Vuori Men’s Strato Tech Yoga Tee topping the list. It’s ultra-soft imported fabric gives a comfortable feeling that is great when working out. It is also stretchable as it is made with polyester and spandex.

For its design, the shirt is made moss finish, round neck neckline, and are available in colors Grey Heather, Navy Heather, Melon Heather, and Charcoal Heather. Solid, stylish colors.

Sizes are from US Small to X-Large.


Vuori Men’s Tradewind Performance Yoga Tee

vuori technical tee

You will surely like this technical tee made by Vuori as it features a lightweight property as it is made up of high-grade jersey fabric. Since it’s a jersey fabric shirt, it has natural ventilation. It is also sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and has anti-odor properties.

Vuori Men’s Tradewind Performance Yoga Tee is perforated so that it becomes breathable. It has a front chest pocket. The seams are made flat locked to avoid chafing and to increase its comfortable feels. Whether you do Yoga or other sport this cool t-shirt is a great find. Available on colors Heather Grey, Black, and Evergreen Heather.

Sizes are from US Small to X-Large.


Prana Men’s Crew Tee

prAna Men's Crew Tee

Environment conscious folks will surely like this shirt by Prana as its shirts are made from recycled polyester and organic cotton on Certified Fair Trade Factories. Prana Men’s Crew Tee are lightweight and will still be a fantastic outfit on your hot summers.

The shirt is designed with a round neck neckline and is made on crew neck finish. Prana logo is woven on the left sleeve and is available on solid heather colors of Black, Azurite, Pineneedle, Denim, and White. This shirt can match any type of denim.

Sizes are from US Extra Small to Extra Large.


Prana Men’s Hardesty Short Sleeve Tee

prAna Hardesty Short Sleeve Tee

Prana brand is well known for its garments that are made eco-friendly, manufactured on Fair Trade Factory™ certified. What made this shirt more special is it was made with HeiQ Technology giving anti-odor properties to the shirt which is excellent for sweating activities like yoga.

It is made up of 100% spandex giving the shirt a sporty look. This imported fabric is finished regular fit with stripe design emphasizing men’s broad shoulder features. The colors are Black, Gray-Blue, Cargo, Pistachio, and Atlantic.

Sizes are from US Extra Small to Extra Large.


Manduka Men’s Pro Tech Short Sleeve Tee

Manduka Tech Yoga Tee

Manduka is a prominent brand on yoga clothing. Manduka Men’s Pro Tech Short Sleeve Tee is made up of 53% Polyester, 35% Nylon, 12% Spandex. That means the shirt is soft, smooth, sweat-wicking, and ultra-lightweight. Excellently breathable Best for an active lifestyle that male yogins will love.

The crew neckline, forward shoulder seam, and the curve hemline gave the shirt design an elegantly sporty look together with its signature side notch. It also has a gunmetal logo at the back. Colors available are Silver Filigree and White. Very classy.

Sizes are from US Small to Extra Large.


Top Choices of Yoga Shirts for Women

Women tend to have a bunch of things in considering a shirt to choose and we’re listing top picks of women that we found in the market. We will still rank our women’s yoga t-shirt best picks with the fabric used, design quality, and Size Availability

Spiritual Gangster Only Love Zen Tee

Spiritual Gangster Only Love

First on our list is from Spiritual Gangster. This slouchy fit shirt features a comfortable feels to the wearer. The fabric is imported and made from 61% Polyester, 33% Viscose, and 6% Spandex, making a very soft and stretchable yoga shirt.

The shirt has a white “ONLY LOVE” screenprint which means this print lasts longer compared to digitally printed ones. Available on Heather Gray color and is lengthy with the hemline being at below hip level.

Sizes are from US XS with 32″ of chest circumference to Large with 39″ of chest circumference.


Spiritual Gangster Galaxy Aurora Boxy T-Shirt

Spiritual Gangster Boxy T-Shirt

Spiritual Gangster got the second sport on the list with Galaxy Aurora Boxy T-Shirt as its entry. This product is proudly made in the U.S.A. The fabric is 100% cotton that guarantees you a soft and absorbent yoga tee and was stonewashed finish to add extra stretch and flexibility to the fabric.

The shirt is tie-dyed giving it a galactic print and is made to relax fit to the body. The hemline is at the hip level giving a decent amount of coverage which is great for doing yoga as it covers well the female part.

Sizes are from US XS with 32″ of chest circumference to Large with 39″ of chest circumference.


Marika Bowery Short Sleeve Yoga Tee

marika yoga t-shirt

Elegantly designed and very sporty is how we can describe Marika Bowery Short Sleeve Yoga Tee with a few words. This yoga shirt is a great find especially for those who love sportswear. The fabric is made up of 93% Polyester, 6% Spandex, sweat-wicking, lightweight, and very soft.

It is designed to be lengthy with 27″ back length offering an ample amount of coverage up unto the hip level. Available in a Black color that gives the shirt a classy look and would fit any type of denim. It is scoop necked with princess seams and short sleeves are finished with mesh shoulder insets.

Sizes are from US Small with 34″ of chest circumference to Extra Large with 42″ of chest circumference.


Free People Hold It Down Yoga Tee

Free people yoga shirt

If you’re up for a sassy get-up, Free People Hold It Down Yoga Tee is the one for you. This yoga shirt is made up of 100%. Very soft and comfortable to wear.

This yoga t-shirt is slightly cropped with a knotted-side detail. The neckline is wide and the sleeves are capped. It also has a sexy feels with the shirt being semi-sheer that is available on Black and White colors.

Sizes are from US XXS with 32″ of chest circumference to Large with 40″ of chest circumference. Quite a wide range of sizes.


Sub_Urban Riot Matcha Gracias Tee

Free people yoga shirt

Simple and preppy is how Sub_Urban Riot Matcha Gracias Tee is. The fabric is made up of 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon giving the shirt a soft feel.

This yoga t-shirt is loose-fit providing the wearer an unrestricted motion which is very ideal for a yoga shirt. It has a Matcha Gracias screen print on the chest which wouldn’t fade away easily on regular wash and wear. It has a crew neckline and the hemline is at hip level giving decent coverage.

Sizes are from US XS with 32″ of chest circumference to Medium with 38″ of chest circumference.


Time to Choose Your Yoga T-Shirt

We got the top 5 picks of best Yoga shirts for both men and women. They come in cool solid colors, printed designs, and a wide range of sizes. While these are hot and top picks in the market, your preference will still be the final say. Check out these amazing finds using our tips and check out the items on this list.