Manipura: The Manager

Other than the physical body is the subtle energetic body with powerful pathways packed with life force and energies, or also known as the chakras.

There are seven chakras, all in all, which flow from the root all the way up to the top (from the base of the spine to the head). Each chakra has specific qualities and feelings that may happen in various ways depending on whether they are well-balanced or not.

In this 889 guide, let’s get to know the third chakra or the Manipura, its primary function, some tips on balancing it, and learn the fantastic benefits you can reap when this chakra is aligned correctly.

Manipura: The Third Chakra

The Manipura chakra is the manager, the solar plexus, and our personal seat of power. This blazing energy wheel is the source of confidence beaming from the gap between your ribs and navel.

Being confident means you are not bothered by what you don’t have. Instead, you focus on what you have because you know you are secured with that. Confidence is truly the best feeling in the world.

We can achieve so many things with certainty because confidence and uncertainty can’t co-exist in the same space. When we are well-disciplined and independent, being responsible for our life and everything we do will come in handy.

A chakra is imbalanced when it is blocked or neglected. A neglected solar plexus shows insecurity, feelings of doubt, and poor self-esteem. When the Manipura chakra is blocked, it will lead us to feel extremely careful, tenacious, overpowering the confidence and the eagerness we feel when this chakra is balanced.

That said, below are the definitive tips on how to balance Manipura back to receive the gift of divine confidence we all deserve.

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How to Balance the Solar Plexus

Realigning the solar plexus is a nice gift to yourself because you will feel more steadfast, contented, dazzling, and oozing with confidence.

However, some people are afraid of being powerful. So if the idea of personal power is awkward on your end, think of it as a power that the sun has: fiery, bright, and brings life to everything it touches.

Like the sun, the Manipura chakra teaches us that everyone around can benefit whenever one shines. With that, below are the best practices worth trying to balance the solar plexus, boosting your self-confidence in the whole process.

Get into yoga!

Yoga poses are therapeutic and a powerful way to correct your posture, healing the solar plexus chakra in the process.

The bow pose, for example, is an excellent way to balance Manipura. This pose supplies energy and circulates the bloodstream to the digestive system, energizing and repairing them.

Also, the plank pose energizes almost every muscle and the core of the body, particularly the solar plexus. Do this pose to increase heat in the body and use that energy for your confidence throughout the day.

Other great poses that set the fire going include the half-spinal twist and boat pose.

Increase heat in the body

Since the solar plexus is associated with heat, have some sweat and increase that warmth in the body— whether the yogic poses above or making your heart rate up through various ways like doing calisthenics, pilates or simply by walking.

Eat healthily

Foods with the same color as the sun and grown under the sun are best for helping balance the solar plexus chakra. Does this remind you of your favorite tropical fruit?

Fresh pineapple juice, for example, is a refreshing way to jump-start the day, especially when you have digestive problems because of overactive solar plexus. If you don’t have a juicer, then puree the pineapple with a blender, add a bit of water, and chill before serving.

Other yellow fruits include bananas, lemons, and corns. And some carbs like rice, oats, and sprouted wheat and grains are also a good way of storing energy in the body.

Learn to meditate

Having meditation is an effective solution for most of our imbalances. When practiced correctly, meditation can naturally restore and encourage stability in the core. When all the powerful seven chakras are balanced and aligned, harmony will follow, which awakens the powerful sense of our overall well-being.

Extra Tips

Extra tips for balancing the solar plexus or the manipura chakra

The practices mentioned above are a bullseye of balancing the solar plexus chakra, and if you want more of it, continue reading for extra tips.

The color yellow has a significant impact on the solar plexus and is deemed as a symbol of optimism, contentment, and creativity.

Looking at yellow flowers and candles or even wearing yellow clothes can help lighten up your mood.

An overactive and imbalanced solar plexus may negatively affect the digestive tract like nausea, bloating, and may damage the brain like short-term memory loss.

Some yoga mudras lessen these symptoms while increasing your self-confidence and the ability to discern things properly.

Other mudras resonate with the Earth’s energy which in turn improves your sense of security. When your energy is depleting, recharge yourself and do some mudras until your solar plexus chakra is restored and aligned.

Fantastic Benefits You Can Get

When the solar plexus or the Manipura chakra is in healthy condition and well-balanced, you will be more confident and comfortable with your personal power.

You will begin to have a sense of self, meaning you will have a clear picture of every quality you have as a person— likes and dislikes, personality traits, abilities, moral code, belief system, and everything you know that motivates you and keeps you going.

When you recognize your true purpose, you have a deeper understanding of yourself as an individual who can positively contribute to the world. You will finally let go of things that are beyond your control, like human nature, the status quo, and being perfect at everything you do.

Yes, those things may have hold value, but exaggerating such values is toxic and could corrupt your overall well-being. We all have innate values, so take the time to assess them, then you will be less reliant on the outer sources of pleasure and happiness.